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Miss me spell that works.

Do you have a partner that might have left you for someone else. Or he or she is a long-distance relationship- with you. I highly recommend you cast this miss me spell that works effectively to them and see its results.

This powerful small spell works simply with honey, rose sepals, your partners name on white piece of paper. And a few other small ingredients used while casting the spell.

This spell has the ability and power to bring your partner, soulmate back.  Miss me spell also works for a person who met someone. Recently and you forget to ask his or her contact.

Once this spell is casted for you it will make both you miss each other hence making you go to the same location you met from and meet them from their once again.

By all means this miss me spell works effectively, and the results are like for those of ex bring back spell or restore love.

Chants that work with miss me spell.

By comparison these small chants also work due to their small resemblance and methods used while casting them. Some of these include.

Obsession spells.

These obsession spells make your partner more obsessed with you and love you strongly even if you had broken up or have some miss understandings.

Even though these spells work effectively but also keep in mind that some of these are weak spells and work temporarily. You might need to have cast them with one strong and powerful one.

Once in a while someone needs to cast some spells so they can see some little bit of magic in their life or relationship. Most of the times magic is the solution. And never hesitate to try it.

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Win cort case spells


Win court case spells.

Did you know that you could win court cases easily and comfortably with win court spells that work.

You may ask yourself how do these spells work in the first place. And what makes them really successful in their work. We’ll let get this question is cleared.

These spells work with the power of black magic / voodoo that has been working since even before most of us where born.

You might be the one who is going to be charged in court or any of your family members, friends.  It doesn’t really matter because this spell works really perfectly, and it has no side effects to the person that casts it.

How ever much. You might have lawyers that will help you get the case dismissed. It’s also advised and responsible for you to cast this win court case spell that works instantly.

Get lover out of jail that work with win court case spells.

Do you have someone you love in jail. More probably your partner, spouse, fiancé. That was charged with anything that could have brought to his arrest.

Well, you don’t need to worry anymore because of this powerful spell and its results that are effective and fast. Your lover can surely come back to you all of a sudden as soon this spell is casted.

After all these are some of the little powerful spells that basically work with black magic / voodoo.

Above all rescuing a loved one from jail is like finishing 50% of the things that you were stressing about.

At this point feel free to contact prince aba for any of the challenges you are facing he will help you with most of the since he has the solution.




Protection spell


 Protection spell that works instantly

We live in the world where people kill, hurt, harm and even bewitch each other’s all most every single day that passes. That’s why we are highly recommended to cast this protection spell that work instantly to our loved ones and friends.

In order to at least guarantee some safety and protection while you are away or on a trip / vacation.

This spell works really well and effectively all what’s needed most is the person’s picture and the family name plus their original nationality.

You might ask yourself why this spell is needed upon your life. Honestly in today’s society people are so reckless and arrogant. Imagine how it takes a person zero minutes to get a firearm breaks in your house door and he shoots everyone that he or she is seeing just for no reason.

This mostly happens sometimes when a person that hates you and wishes bad for you so. He hires hitmen to kill or hurt your family.

And in some cases, It can include People being possessed by djinns and demons. Because some are sent by other hired witch doctors in order to hurt you.

  • Protection spells that include magic rings
  • Protection spells that include luck and prosperity
  • Spells that can remove and chase djinns and demons.
  • Protection spells that bind and strengthen your partner.
  • Spells that protect business from falling and running bankrupt.

Spells to remove Djinns and other bad spiritual entities.

At last, Do you have a partner or a loved one that is seriously sick? Hence, he or she has been taken to all available hospitals and when checking the results, they tell you. That there is nothing wrong they could see in the blood results that indicate the illness.

If you are ever told that in the hospital it should be a first red flag. And ask yourself why and what is wrong with your loved one. In most cases people who are like this mostly suffer from being possessed by djinns and other bad entities. That are most times sent by witch doctors or they just fell in love with your loved ones.

Things like this have special abilities because they are not humans. Such as being able to Fly, turn into shapes of things turn into animals. And speak multiple languages. And many other things that a human can’t do.

For these entities to possess someone they might have been sent. Or so when in most cases they fell in love with that person. These entities like in most cases to poses people that don’t pray or people that have low spiritual energy or connections.

These entities can be chased away and burnt from your loved ones. For those that are interested.

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spirit box sessions


Spirit Box sessions.

Have you ever asked yourself if it could still be possible to talk to your loved one once they are gone? (Deceased) With spirit box sessions.

Well yes it’s very true & possible you can get in contact with your loved one’s spirit and talk to them.

This procedure is relatively easy and doesn’t need that much equipment’s or products to use. It’s always easier to contact spirits shortly after their deaths here on earth.
This is because they are still much connected to the people they love here on earth and their early loves.

Some times people that pass in a very traumatic ways or people that hold on to their earthly lives beyond stick around for a period of time in our realm.

Our realm is much more of a gray zone for them meaning that they can’t really do anything unless they progress into the light. Hence there is no need every spirit will make it to the light eventually.

This briefly works with a use of a small, Boxed product thing that is used to as a speech from the spirits side.

  • Know who took your loved ones life.
  • Instant regret and curse spell to the person that hurt you
  • How to put hoodoo on someone
  • Know secrets and heart intention spell

Instant regret & curse spell that works with spirit box sessions

This spell is not advised to cast but if you really not serious and in the end you don’t know what you are dealing with. Curse spells are usually strong and  are very hard to reverse them.

With the help of draabaspellcaster. Prince Aba such things are very simple and can help you get over it with in a matter of time. Contact me now if you are interested in my services. And I shall help you where necessary.





Money multiply spell.

Imagine you had the right amount of money you wished to have. With money multiply spell it can work correctly. I know it might be hard for some of you believe but if you do believe that black & white magic exists then you have answered yourself.

Think of it like this let’s say you have any amount of money. You can multiply it twice or thrice with just a spell. This spell basically work’s with collecting powers on your side and on the spell, casters side too.

This powers such as the clients’ money and the spell casters powers such as a small scarifies can be used while casting this spell.  Depending on the amount of money that the clients want to multiply.

When casting the spell, the client needs to hide money somewhere in his or her house where they don’t usually reach. Such as hidden spots. Client has to leave the money there for 72 hours without over thinking and touching on it or reducing it since it might affect the spell from working correctly. Or doesn’t work at all.

With casting spells clients are advised to keep it as a secret since they don’t many peoples heart intentions.  For example you might tell a friend that you think likes you. But deeply down they think otherwise on you.

This spell has no side effects at all and doesn’t include any killing of a human. Its just normal animal sacrifices. You don’t need to be afraid of it I recommend you try it so you see how wonderful the results are.

Business booming spell that works with money multiply spell.

Do you own a business that earns you less money, yet you put so much in it? This spell can boost business and bring you enough income and clients without having to advertise so much for it.

Or you want to be promoted to a new position at your work place this spell can also work for you by making and tricking your bosses that you are the most hard working in the crew.

This spell comes with many other small spells that work with it.

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Pursue dreams


Pursue dreams & goals spell.

Imagine you had all the things, and you lived a life you used to dream of. If yes you are in the right place. With the help of this pursue dreams & goals spells that works instantly you don’t need to over think and stress about your future anymore.

If you have had many investments for the past years and took also many risks. With hopes of getting capital in return or a successful business and it always never worked out.

This is the perfect spell for you. I highly recommend you this spell because it has benefits and works correctly. The main reason you should give this pursue dreams & goals spells a try is that you always never know what your dealing with until you make deep research.

What am trying to say here is that for every bad thing or negative energy to be happening to someone in terms of earning there is always something big or small behind it.

Think of it like this: You have done all what’s necessary and then you don’t get what you deserve well as others that do little compared to yours do get what they deserve or wish for.

These are some of the things I recommend you should worry and take good look at. If you happen to might have experienced these signs then its high time you give this spell a try for the good that’s bestowed in it.

And many others.

Having bad dreams about your business.

Having bad dreams about your business may be a red flag for why you are not getting what you wish for in your business. This might mean in many cases that a person somewhere is casting curse spells on you hence making your business fall down and causing much blockage in your life .

Many other things can be a reason why you are not pursuing your dreams and goals.

Feel free to contact me and we address this issue immediately so you could see change in your path.



Body change spell in USA that work

Have you ever thought of changing your private parts or any part of your body? Such as boobs, Buttocks And many others with out having implants in your body. Well this body change spell in sa is for you since it works perfectly ok and it doesn’t cause any pain or harm and costs way little than what you could spend on seeing the doctors and doing surgery.

Many people such as gays, sissy’s, lesbians and transgenders often do get this spell casted on for them because of its good results and effects on the body and how it works for them with their partners.

For those that are born with private parts of the opposite sex and feel like they wanted to revert / change them back to their sex original ones . Then you are in the right place with prince Aba the powerful spell caster. I guarantee that the results may vary from person to person and also they work differently. But in the end always expect the positive results.

Get your partner obsessed with you body change spells.

Are you interested in someone Or you have a partner that isn’t really into you or cares less about you? Well I suggest you should stick around read some articles on this website of which some I listed the way of casting small easy spells or contact me and get your spell casted with in a few hours.

This spell will work for you even if your partner isn’t submissive to you . Just cast this spell and keep quiet you will see it work.

Don’t Be afraid to contact me As of which I can help most times. Don’t loose hope always in whatever things you think of . Surely if your mind can think of it then you are half way of making it come true. Life’s too short to live a miserable life. Get some spells casted so you could worry less and stress less about something’s in your life

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